02P-Teen Facial Pack


All the products you need to tackle Teenage and problem skin regime.


Teen-Cleansing Cream – 200ml

Our rich, sulphate-free facial cleanser is made with a gentle,
yet effective plant-based cleansing complex, featuring
rosewater and castor oil.

Teen-Facial Toner – 200ml

Our Facial Toner gently completes the cleansing of the skin,
removing any impurities that is left after using the cleanser
as well as balancing pH levels.

Teen- Honey Facial Scrub -100ml

Simply Bee honey facial scrub, is our Fynbos honey
combined with brown sugar, olive oil and Cinnamon for a
deep cleanse of your skin.

Teen Daily Moisturiser – 100ml

This lightweight moisturiser is specially formulated with
beeswax, sweet almond and grape seed carrier oils and
lavender essential oil.

Teen Propolis Acne Balm – 30ml

Propolis, a substance collected by bees to protect the hive,
has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. The
Acne Balm captures these properties and can be used to
heal and diminish acne