Simply Green Wellness Box


We have hand picked a handful of special products to give you all you need to rejuvenate and improve your physical and mental wellness!

The Box  is full of products to help you to  maintain and handle all your stressful days. Ensuring  you are at your best.

All Simply green Boxes are packed  in eco friendly gift boxes and ribbon. The perfect gift for a  friend in need to improve  their physical and mental wellness.

Each Wellness Box Contains:

CBD Capsules (30 Caps)

There is a growing body of scientific evidence highlighting the health benefits of CBD. CBD Capsules are excellent for people looking for alternative pain management options. Unlike opioids and pain killers which come with a wide range of negative side effects not to mention their addictive potential. CBD’s supplements are a natural way to get rid of stress and ease your mind when you’re under pressure. Cannabidiol can alleviate stress and clear your mind safely and effectively. CBD works as a very effective anti-inflammatory.

CBD Capsules Can Be Used For: Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety, Arthritis, Gout, and Pain.

Luxurious Inflammation CBD Bath Soak 500GR

Our Luxurious Inflammation CBD Bath Soak is made with the perfect balance of powerful anti-inflammatory botanicals Peppermint, Arnica, Ginger & CBD. When combined with our mineral-rich blend of Himalayan salt & Epsom salts this will allow your body to soak in the nourishing minerals, essential oils, and CBD to create an effective pain-relieving soak that combats sore muscles, cramps, stiffness & inflammation.

Peppermint & CBD Pain Relief Balm 50ml

The combination of Peppermint and CBD oil makes this balm a potent remedy for aches and pains. Best for any pain. Apply and massage into temples for headaches or as needed for joint and muscle pain. Cannabidiol (CBD) has natural anti-anxiety, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Our Peppermint & CBD Relief Balm Can Be Used For The Following: Arthritis, Muscular pain, Migraines, Headaches, Stomach Cramps, Inflammation, ANY PAIN.